Veröffentlicht 25. September 2013 von Beatrice Lugger

Trailer Lindau Nature video: Better living through chemistry

At this summer’s Lindau Meeting we focused on pressing world problems and how chemistry can help us to solve them. In four films, laureates and students clash over the future of energy production, grapple with drug development, discuss dwindling supplies of metal catalysts and debate science’s role in the developing world. Get a taste in this trailer.

Better living through chemistry

Nature Video presents four debates from the 2013 Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau.
For this series, we invited Nobel laureates and young researchers to discuss how chemistry can solve pressing world problems. The eager researchers come to the debates with big ideas and high hopes, while the laureates bring a healthy dose of experience. In our first film, former US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu injects reality into a debate about biofuels with his inside knowledge of science policy and economics. In the other films, laureates and researchers consider the best way to develop new drugs, worry about dwindling supplies of rare metal catalysts and draw on their own experiences to debate science’s role in the developing world.

Beatrice Lugger

Beatrice Lugger is a science journalist and science social media specialist with a background as a chemist. She is Scientific Director of the National Institute for Science Communication, NaWik – @BLugger is her twitter handle, Quantensprung her own blog.