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Read, Comment, Engage – #lnlm14

Dialogue is the central feature of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. Talk to each other, learn from each other, exchange your ideas. Naturally we continue the dialogue online and want to interact also with you, the interested reader.

We are eagerly awaiting the start of the 64th Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau on Sunday, June 29, 2014, which is dedicated to physiology or medicine. About 600 young researchers will head to the Inselhalle in Lindau that afternoon, waiting with excitement for the opening ceremony, when they will get in contact with their „stars“, the Nobel Laureates. Numerous times for discussions with the Laureates are lying ahead of them for one week.

We want to know what you think, what suggestions you have, what you are particularly interested in. Maybe you have a special research request for us, that we can follow during the meeting. Or you have a different opinion on a topic. Or you want to add a certain key aspect we missed. In any case: You are welcome to write a comment.

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On Twitter the hashtag of the meeting is #lnlm14. During the week you may especially follow this hashtag during the morning lectures and the panel discussions in the early afternoon – and you will not miss the key quotes of the day. For sure, also we follow #lnlm14. So if you want to contact us via Twitter, do not forget the hashtag in your tweets.

And we invite ALL participants to become guest bloggers. No fear of technical hurdles! We of course lift your postings on the platform for you. Just send your article via email plus a picture and a short biography of yours.

Let’s get started!

Beatrice Lugger

Beatrice Lugger is a science journalist and science social media specialist with a background as a chemist. She is Scientific Director of the National Institute for Science Communication, NaWik – @BLugger is her twitter handle, Quantensprung her own blog.