Veröffentlicht 4. Juli 2012 von Beatrice Lugger

Doing science in developing and developed countries

In his Lindau Video Diary, Albert Juma of Kenya has shared his experiences about the differences between doing science and research in a developing, and in a developed country, and asks some of the participants at the Lindau Meeting about their views on the subject. Albert also has some concrete suggestions on how to narrow the scientific gap between developed and developing countries, and how his thinking was inspired by the President of Singapore’s address to the Lindau meeting. And Albert shares his own dreams about the Nobel Prize being awarded to a scientist in a developing country.

Beatrice Lugger

Beatrice Lugger is a science journalist and science social media specialist with a background as a chemist. She is Scientific Director of the National Institute for Science Communication, NaWik – @BLugger is her twitter handle, Quantensprung her own blog.