Veröffentlicht 8. Oktober 2014 von Christian Schumacher

Nature film from Lindau sheds light on cutting edge drug research

The third movie out of the Nature Video Lindau Collection 2014 has been published. It features Nobel Laureates Martin Evans and Oliver Smithies and examines how the side effects of drugs can be combatted.

The benefits of modern pharmaceuticals are often accompanied by side effects, and although some are minor, like headaches or drowsiness, others can be much more serious. In this Nature Video, reporter Lorna Stewart asks scientists if we will ever eliminate side effects. Lorna is surprised when Nobel laureate Martin Evans claims there are no side effects, and fellow laureate Oliver Smithies explains how complicated it can be to eliminate the unwanted effects of taking medicine. However, exciting research is on the horizon, as two young researchers explain.

The whole series of films can be watched here at Nature’s website.

Christian Schumacher

Christian Schumacher was the head of the communications department of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings from 2013–16. It’s the community spirit that has fascinated him about the Lindau Meetings when he joined the executive secretariat in 2010.