Published 21 November 2014 by Patricia Edema

New Topic Cluster: Quantum Mechanics

The Lindau Mediatheque is proud to present yet another new topic cluster, this time dealing with quantum mechanics.

Starting with the founder of quantum physics Max Planck, to Paul Dirac‘s field theories on the interaction between light and matter and David Wineland‘s and Serge Haroche‘s research on the development of quantum computers this new topic cluster introduces you to the world of quantum physics.

This topic cluster is authored by the Lindau Mediatheque’s editor in chief, professor emeritus Anders Bárány.

The new topic cluster is available here.

Image source used in slider graphic: Robert Couse-Baker (CC BY 2.0)

Patricia Edema

Patricia is fascinated by the cross-generational, interdisciplinary science exchange between top level scientists during the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. To continue this discourse in the most sophisticated, multi-faceted manner is one of her primary aims as Senior Editor of the Lindau Mediatheque.