Published 6 May 2015 by Patricia Edema

New Mini Lecture: Game Theory

The Lindau Mediatheque presents its newest educational short film covering the economic field of game theory.

Game theory enables rational insight into the basic principles of social interaction and has therefore become indispensable for economic and social sciences. Whether in politics, sports or medicine, modelling problems as a strategic game helps in decision-making in a variety of field. With lecture snippets of Reinhard Selten, Robert Aumann and Alvin Roth, this new Mini Lecture introduces to the mathematical beginnings of game theory, its socioscientific development and entrepreneurial integration.

Click HERE to watch the new Mini Lecture over at the Lindau Mediatheque where it is also available in German, with subtitles and in different levels of video quality.

Patricia Edema

Patricia is fascinated by the cross-generational, interdisciplinary science exchange between top level scientists during the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. To continue this discourse in the most sophisticated, multi-faceted manner is one of her primary aims as Senior Editor of the Lindau Mediatheque.