Published 10 April 2015 by Patricia Edema

Mediatheque News: New Topic Cluster on Lasers

Ready your lightsabers as the Lindau Mediatheque takes you on a journey through the history of lasers!

The Lindau Mediatheque is proud to feature a new Topic Cluster that focuses on the historical development and practical use of laser technology. Based on Lindau lecture snippets from twelve Nobel Laureates – Arthur Schawlow, William Philipps, Nicolaas Bloembergen, Nikolav Basov, Charles Townes, Alexandr Prokhorov, Herbert Kroemer, Zhores Alferov, John Hall, Theodor Hänsch, Ahmed Zewail, Steven Chu – the Topic Cluster “Laser” introduces the basic concepts of the technology, describes its historical development, looks at its daily life applications and explains the importance of lasers for pushing forward physical, chemical and biological research into dimensions where very high resolutions in space and time are required.

Check out the Mediatheque’s new Topic Cluster “Laser” to find out more about this stunning technology!

Photo from slider: Douglas Muth @ FlickR (CC BY-SA 2.0) 

Patricia Edema

Patricia is fascinated by the cross-generational, interdisciplinary science exchange between top level scientists during the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. To continue this discourse in the most sophisticated, multi-faceted manner is one of her primary aims as Senior Editor of the Lindau Mediatheque.