Reaching out Beyond the Meetings

Scientists today are in closer contact with the public than in any other period. At the same time, the distrust in science has risen considerably.

Bringing Science to Society

With more opportunities and channels for communication, scientists today are in closer contact with the public than at any other period. At the same time, there is a substantial and growing amount of public disagreement about basic scientific facts. Against this backdrop, the Council and the Foundation feel committed to share the enthusiasm that characterises the annual encounters between Nobel Laureates and young scientists with the general public.

It is an integral part of our mission to reach out beyond the meetings at Lindau and involve society at large in the dialogue on the importance of education, science and research. Our leitmotif “Educate. Inspire. Connect.” pervades our diverse outreach projects, in the local and the digital spheres, for instance the recent broadcast of our events.

The Lindau Blog features exciting topics related to science and research. You will find articles on new scientific findings, reports by alumni about their Lindau experiences, interviews with young scientists or young economists about their work as well as texts by researchers, which they contribute as guest authors.

To enhance outreach we developed the Mission Education programme to inspire the scientists of tomorrow. Our educational outreach activities aim to share the archived knowledge of the Lindau Mediatheque with pupils, students and generally interested laypersons. Much of the material is well-suited for use in schools. To meet the rising demand for teaching and didactic material, the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings keep expanding this educational section based on the discoveries of Nobel Laureates.

Finally, we depend on the vital function of the media to communicate the scientific debate in Lindau, as well as the debate about science itself, from here to their target groups all over the world.

We simply cannot afford to not keep the conversation going.


Public Lecture

Certain programme sessions of the Lindau Meetings are public and invite the citizens of Lindau to an insight in science. In 2021 Reinhard Genzel presented his work on black holes (in German).

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Check out our news overview for the most recent developments and events.

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Our blog features exciting topics related to science and research. Here you will find articles on new scientific findings, reports by Lindau Alumni, interviews with young scientists/economists as well as articles by guest authors and researchers.

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Nobel Laureate Sir Harold W. Kroto with pupils in Lindau

Mission Education

The ‘Mission Education’ of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings aims to promote wide recognition for science and research and to foster support for a knowledge-based society. Its pedagogic content applies especially to the area of science education in educational institutions.

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Lindau Initiatives

In Lindau, the region and worldwide: the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings pursue several initiatives and year-round projects that complement our Mission Education and embody our commitment to educate, inspire and connect.

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Virtual Experiences

Virtual Experience

The Lindau Meetings offer digital ways to experience science at home or in school. Get in touch with the scientists of the Lindau community, no matter where you are.

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Reinhard Genzel with media on the Nobel Pier in Lindau

Media & Journalists

At the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, the world’s best young scientists in their disciplines meet Nobel Laureates with all their scientific expertise and life experience. This constellation alone offers numerous points of reference for reporting on current topics and in a wide variety of formats every year.

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