Academic Partners of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

Academic Partners – Cornerstones of the Lindau Meetings

The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings are unique scientific conferences where Nobel Laureates and the most promising Young Scientists meet to educate, inspire, and connect beyond cultural and political boundaries. The annual conferences are alternately dedicated to the Nobel Prize disciplines of Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, as well as Economics. Every year, the Lindau Meetings attract about 30-40 Nobel Laureates and 600 outstanding Young Scientists from around the globe, thus becoming the world’s largest regular gathering of Nobel Laureates beside the award ceremony in Stockholm itself. Since 1951, more than 35,000 Young Scientists have participated in the Lindau Meetings. Thanks to the Lindau Alumni Network, many of them are still connected to Lindau and among each other, thus creating an exceptional network of scientific excellence.

We help to make the Lindau Meetings possible by closely collaborating with more than 200 of the most distinguished science and research institutions worldwide. These include national academies, ministries, international science organisations, and top-ranking universities and institutions. A list of our Academic Partners can be found here.

Academic Partners of the Lindau Meetings

Academic Partners are cornerstones of the Lindau Meetings. They distribute the call for application, run a pre-selection process and nominate the most talented applicants according to our selection criteria. Needless to say, conducting a nomination process and securing funding often brings along some initial challenges. Decades of experience in collaborating with Academic Partners in more than 80 countries have taught us that, as soon as the nomination procedures are established and initial funding has been obtained, the process usually works very smoothly and has always been worthwhile for all parties involved. Ultimately, being an Academic Partner of the Lindau Meetings does not only serve the scientific community and benefit Young Scientists in the partner institution’s country. It offers further advantages by improving the network, visibility, and international recognition of the partner institution.

Constantly striving to expand our global partner network, we are looking particularly for partner organisations in countries and regions that are currently not covered by an Academic Partner of the Lindau Meetings. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about becoming an Academic Partner of the Lindau Meetings.

Nadine Gärber

Head of Young Scientist Support and
Academic Partner Relations
+49 8382 277 31 14