Our Academic Partners Network

Cornerstones of the Lindau Meetings

The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings interact closely with more than 200 of the most renowned science and research institutions worldwide. Our global network of academic partners entitles world-renowned science and research bodies both from the public and private sectors to identify highly talented young scientists and to nominate them for participation in the Lindau Meetings.

Partners include national academies of science, ministries, research institutions, top-ranking universities, foundations and international scientific organisations and this mutually benefitting partner network is continuously being expanded. Without this support, the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings would not be able to identify and invite the most gifted scientific talents worldwide. Nobel Laureate Edmond H. Fischer put it in a nutshell: Lindau is not made for the Laureates, it is made for the students.

Nadine Gärber

Young Scientist Support and Academic Partner Relations
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Commitment to our Mission Education

The world’s best young scientists of tomorrow submit applications to attend the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. The annually updated official Selection Criteria and the subsequent international, multi-stage selection process guarantee that the scientific elite of the future is able to gather with the Nobel Laureates in Lindau. Their interaction will bring prosperity to the world at large. Every year, several thousand young scientists apply worldwide. Altogether, they have the potential to come up with solutions to the challenges the world faces right now.

Our academic partners are entitled to nominate these young scientists for the opportunity of joining the Lindau network of excellence. Nominating partners include academies of sciences, leading universities, research institutions, foundations and innovative enterprises. Among them are for example the European Commission, the Indian Department of Science and Technology and the Volkswagen Foundation.

Nominating Institutions for the 73rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Please find here an overview of our current Academic Partners:

MoU: Partnership on a Contractual Basis

By means of memoranda of understanding (MoU), both the Lindau Meetings and their partners commit themselves to the interconnection and promotion of aspiring young scientists and thus to spreading Lindau’s Mission Education worldwide.