Public Sessions of the Programme

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Public Sessions of the 7th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences

Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Opening Ceremony

14.00–15.00 hrs CEST

Lecture: Markets for Water in California

Paul R. Milgrom

15.00–15.30 hrs CEST

Panel Discussion: Auctions

Paul R. Milgrom, Roger B. Myerson, Vernon L. Smith

17.00–18.30 hrs CEST

Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Panel Discussion: Applied Micro Revolution

Joshua D. Angrist, Daniel L. McFadden

17.00–18.30 hrs CEST

Thursday, 25 August 2022

Panel Discussion: Social Change and Social Media

Joseph E. Stiglitz, Richard H. Thaler

17.00–18.30 hrs CEST

Saturday, 27 August 2022

Panel Discussion: Economics and Politics of War and Sanctions

Oliver Hart, Eric S. Maskin, Christopher A. Pissarides

11.00–12.30 hrs CEST

Closing Ceremony

12.30–13.00 hrs CEST