Lindau Initiatives

Activities in Lindau and Beyond

The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings pursue several initiatives and year-round projects that complement our Mission Education and embody our commitment to educate, inspire and connect. Whether they advocate for open, sustainable scientific conduct, appeal to politics and society or try to communicate science to global audiences: the bedrock of these initiatives is the Lindau community – Nobel Laureates, young scientists, Lindau Alumni as well as partners and supporters. In fact, many are the result of an impetus from the community and have since developed into full-fledged, continuous projects.

Lindau Guidelines

The Lindau Guidelines aim for open, cooperative science where data and knowledge are freely shared. Based on an initiative first introduced by Laureate Elizabeth H. Blackburn, they are now endorsed by many Nobel Laureates and signed by members of the global scientific community.

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Mainau Declarations

Since 1951, Mainau island is the setting of the traditional last day of each Lindau Meeting – and historically, it has been the origin of two important declarations: in 1955, denouncing nuclear weapons and in 2015, warning of the urgency of climate change.

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Science Trail & Lindau Nobel Laureate Pier

The Lindau Science Trail leads visitors across Lindau island and the mainland to learn more about the Nobel Laureates and their contributions to science and society. The Lindau Nobel Laureate Pier as its central station, an official app and a virtual experience round off your journey through science history.

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Art Projects

The different exhibition project of the Lindau Meetings play an important role in communicating scientific achievements. A lasting focus of the exhibitions is on the projects “Nobel Portraits” and “Sketches of Science”.

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