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Pushing Laser Intensity to Its Limit

Meeri Kim

Pushing Laser Intensity to Its Limit

Last year's Nobel Laureates in Physics, Donna Strickland and Gérard Mourou, kick off the first full day of #LINO19 with complementary lectures on high-intensity laser physics.

Alexander Bastidas Fry

Hall and Hänsch on Lasers

Some fifty years ago the first lasers were developed. They were seen as a curious diversion of physics by some, but since that time they have proved to be a success story of science theory and application. The original nascent concepts of how light behaved were discovered by James Clerk Maxwell just before the 20th […]

Markus Pössel

Catching planets with a laser

At my first Lindau meeting, in 2010, I remember one particular bit of information that caught my attention. It was during the lecture by Theodor Hänsch – apparently there is no video in the mediatheque yet -, who was talking about his prize-winning "frequency combs". The principle is simple: Catch a laser pulse between two […]

Alexander Bastidas Fry

The Size of the Proton Measured with Lasers

A little over a week ago at the Lindau conference Theordor Hanch hinted at new measurements of the size of the proton which may impact the fundamental theory of quantum electrodynamics. Hansch’s lecture was an overview of the history of lasers progressing from our realization of the wave/particle duality nature of light to new research […]

Alexander Bastidas Fry

50 years of lasers

This year is the 50th anniversary of the first successful laser built by Theodore Maiman. The laser is a beautiful example of fundamental physics leading to profound effects on our daily lives. The laser will be discussed on the first day of the conference by Nicolaas Bloembergen, who himself received the the 1981 Nobel Prize for […]