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Nature Outlook 2014: Medical Research Masterclass (from Lindau)

Nature once again has published a special supplement on occasion of the Lindau Meeting – this time taking you on a trip to the frontiers of medical research.

Hanno Charisius

On Man and Microbes – Barry Marshall

In the summer of 1984, the Australian scientist Neil Noakes took some bacteria from a petri dish, mixed them with lukewarm beef extract – the normal nutrient solution for bacteria in the lab – and filled a little more than one cup into a beaker. Then he handed this mix to his colleague, the gastroenterologist […]

Kathleen Raven

Research For the Dogs – Young Scientist profiles

Dogs play a crucial role in human cancer research.

Hanno Charisius

Von Menschen und Mikroben – Barry Marshall

Im Sommer 1984 kratze der australische Forscher Neil Noakes Bakterien aus einer Aufzuchtschale für Mikroben, mixte diese in einen lauwarmen Rindsextrakt, in dem Bakterien im Labor gewöhnlich wachsen, füllte 200 Milliliter davon ab in einen Glaskolben und reichte diesen seinem Kollegen Barry Marshall. Der Gastroenterologe, damals gerade 32 Jahre alt, schluckte den Mix beherzt herunter.

Beatrice Lugger

Tweeting Lindau

Let’s break down barriers – #lnlm14

Martin Fenner

100 years infection and cancer

There are many reasons to get excited in anticipation of this year’s Lindau Nobel meeting that is now less than two weeks away. One aspect of the meeting I personally enjoy is the appreciation for the historical perspective of science. One recurring theme of many Nobel laureates in Medicine or Physiology during the last 50 […]