BLOG - ethics

Yasin Emanee

Science and Ethics: Conundrums of Medical Research

Guest Blogger and participant of the 64th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting Yasin Emanee on the difficulties of maintaining ethical integrity in research.

Lou Woodley

Do scientists need an equivalent of the Hippocratic Oath to ensure ethical conduct?

Many scientific discoveries can have far-reaching consequences when they are applied as new technologies or are used to influence policy decisions. How much is it the responsibility of scientists to be concerned about, and involved with, the use of the knowledge that they contribute to society? Would asking scientists to swear to an equivalent of […]

Christine Ottery

The future of biomedicine in global health

The future of medicine is contained in ‘The Four Ps’: Personalised, Predictive, Preventative, and Participatory. Aaron Ciechanover, speaking on a panel on the future of biomedicine at the Lindau meeting, explains: "We may have the ability to profile patients before they get sick, therefore we may have the ability to predict diseases – and also ‘preventative’ […]