Published 1 July 2013 by Gero von der Stein

Lindau’s 2013 Video Bloggers

Four young researchers are creating personal video blogs to share their impressions, encounters and experiences at Lindau. In a preview of the week to come, Edson Medeiros Filho, Sarika Goel, Núria Sancho Oltra and Crystal Valdez explain why they think the exchange between cultures and generations is important in science… and what they expect from their Lindau experience.

‘People from different generations and cultures are like key ingredients for a perfect science recipie.’
Sarika Goel

‘Coming in from a different culture, from a different background allows you to see problems from different directions, from different angels.’
Crystal Valdez

‘We can also learn from each other, transfer our knowledge to those starting in their scientific path.’
Núria Sancho Oltra

‘I really like the keywords: Educate. Inspire. Connect. – I think it summarizes very well the idea.’
Edson Medeiros Filho

[hr] More about the four bloggers in this blog post ‘Videos from a personal perspective‘.

Gero von der Stein

Gero von der Stein worked for the communications department of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings from 2013 to 2019. As head of communications, he was responsible for all public relations activities of the Council and the Foundation. Every summer during the Lindau Meetings, he is enthralled by the informal exchange between scientists from more than 80 countries.