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Jalees Rehman

A Tough Balance: Cancer Research and Motherhood

Dr. Christiane Opitz – Studying cancer cell metabolism, treating terminally ill patients, pursuing an academic career and enjoying motherhood.

Gero von der Stein

Sarika’s Video Blog Lindau 2013

How do scientists deal with difficult challenges in research? How do they find the inspiration not only to keep going? How to inspire the next generation? In today’s Lindau Video Blog, Sarika Goel of UC Berkeley, USA, asked Laureates and young researchers what they think.

Beatrice Lugger

How Advances in Science are made – Douglas Osheroff

Today Douglas Osheroff discussed his view of “How Advances in Science are Made” at the 62nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. Some days before the meeting I had a short email conversation with him, where we chatted about his finding, the need of interdisciplinarity of sciences and how he advanced in science. Osheroff was awarded the […]

Beatrice Lugger

Nature Video: Bench or Bedside? With Ferid Murad

  Camelia-Lucia Cimpianu is trying to decide between a career as a researcher or a practising doctor. In this film, she seeks advice from Nobel Laureate Ferid Murad who faced the same dilemma as a medical student in the 1960s. Murad chose the bench, and he subsequently discovered that a gas called nitric oxide (NO) […]

Jessica Riccò

Nobel questions – Lindau answers. The students’ point of view.

Prior to the Nobel meeting young researches had the oppurtunity to send in questions – we called that section "Nobel questions, Lindau answers". In the last days I interviewed a couple of young scientists who replied to these questions – and may lead to more discussion in the commentaries of this posting.  Today’s young scientists […]