Published 4 March 2021 by Daniela Thiel

A Tour on the Virtual Science Trail

Starting point of the Virtual Science Trail

Going for a walk” might currently be the most common answer when being asked about leisure activities. In times of sports clubs not being able to offer training, gyms, restaurants, cafés, museums, cinemas and theatres are closedand even meetings with friends having to be avoided, walks and hikes are a popular alternative. People do not only exercise in the park or in nature but also on the internet. They acquire new skills and knowledge, arrange online meetings with friends and colleagues, take part in online concerts and conferences or even travel virtually to completely different places.  

The Virtual Science Trail is one of those places on the internet: Here you can walk along the stations of the Lindau Science Trail and study the content of every pylon. The Science Trail has been part of Lindau’s townscape for two years. On Lindau Island in particular, you will come across the pylons at numerous corners, each of which is dedicated to a specific scientific topic. The focus is on the Nobel Laureates and their prize-winning discoveries. The Virtual Science Trail transfers this tour along the path to the internet. One of the advantages of the Virtual Science Trail are, of course, the additional digital elements added to the content of the pylons: In videos, Nobel Laureates show their work in their labs or talk about their research. In addition, each station contains an area explaining scientific phenomena specifically geared to children. 

At the first station of the Virtual Science Trail you can visit the Lab of Nobel Laureate Aaron Ciechanover (Chemistry 2004).

Navigating Through Lindau 

In times of the pandemic, the Virtual Science Trail is a great opportunity to convey science education as well as historical aspects of the city of Lindaua great offer for the whole family,” explains Sabrina Lummer, project manager at Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. “With the help of a map, you can navigate to the individual pylons or simply follow the arrows from one digital station to the next. We look forward to people being able to visit the Science Trail here in Lindau again. But for now, the virtual contents are a popular alternative.”

A boat trip from Lindau to Mainau Island across Lake Constance is always a worthwhile experience. You don’t even have to go on a trip to discover the stations on the “Island of Flowers” of course, the three Science Trail pylons on Mainau Island are also available online.  

An Excursion to the Nobel Laureate Pier

Those interested to delve even deeper into the personalities behind the scientific discoveries can visit the Nobel Laureate Pier online. All Nobel Laureates who have ever been to Lindau are listed here on their own bar in the guardrail. With an online application you can get to know many Nobel Laureates and learn more details about their lives and work. 

We look forward to welcome as many visitors on the Virtual Science Trail who can discover science in Lindau from all over the world.

Daniela Thiel

Editor and part of the communications team of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings.