Published 23 June 2011 by Lou Woodley

An ode to the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

Every year Nobel Laureates make,
A week-long retreat by a beautiful lake.

They’re joined by researchers especially selected
To have their dreams discussed and perfected.

This is a chance no one expects to get twice;
Time to ask your hero for direct advice!

What did they do to win the Prize?
Was it sweat and toil, or a complete surprise?

How do you persevere when things get tough?
Is there a secret to being more than enough?

Over lectures, dinners and a cruise to Mainau,
There’s plenty of time to swop know-how

While we blog, tweet and film, so that all may share
The wonders of Lindau and the friendships there.

For over 60 years this tradition’s survived
Thanks to a philosophy to which Laureates subscribed:

Winning the Nobel doesn’t end with a gong,
Knowledge is a gift that needs passing on.

Lou Woodley