Since 1951, for
more than 70 years,
the Lindau Nobel

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between different
generations, scientific
disciplines and cultures.


Signing of the Mainau Declaration 2024


Women in Research #LINO24: Stefanie Arnold

Chemistry: Ulrike Böhm

Women in Research #LINO24: Stefanie Arnold

Stefanie Arnold has specialized in developing advanced battery materials encompassing alloying, conversion, intercalation, composites, and hybrids, primarily focusing on lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries. Her electrochemical investigations extend to applying these materials in desalination processes to generate potable water and mitigate significant environmental challenges. Additionally, she is at the forefront of establishing electrochemical ways to recycle spent lithium-ion batteries to enhance the sustainability of energy storage technologies.


30 Nobel Laureates Sign Appeal Against Nuclear War

On the closing day of the 73rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, 30 Nobel Laureates in Physics and Chemistry from more than 10 countries signed the “Mainau Declaration 2024 on Nuclear Weapons”.

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Natural Experiments

Our three-part Mini Lecture series introduces the empirical research method of natural experiments in the context of labour economics and education. Watch now!


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