Since 1951, for
more than 70 years,
the Lindau Nobel

Laureate Meetings
support the exchange
between different
generations, scientific
disciplines and cultures.


Key Visual #LINO24: Abstract concept of atomic and quantum waves, illustrated with fractal elements


A New Kind of Night Light

Chemistry: Hanna Kurlanda-Witek

A New Kind of Night Light

The effect of bioluminescence, the ability of living organisms to produce light, has long puzzled scientists, among them some Nobel Laureates.


4th Lindau Online Sciathon: 19−21 April 2024

This Friday, at 17:00 CEST, the 4th Lindau Online Sciathon 2024, a hackathon-style event for Lindau Alumni and #LINO24 Young Scientists, will start with the opening event.

Lindau Mediatheque

Illustration of Natural Experiments

Mini Lecture

Natural Experiments

Our three-part Mini Lecture series introduces the empirical research method of natural experiments in the context of labour economics and education. Watch now!


Call for Peace