Since 1951, for
more than 70 years,
the Lindau Nobel

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between different
generations, scientific
disciplines and cultures.



Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2023: Miniscule Colour-Emitting Dots

Chemistry: Neysan Donnelly

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2023: Miniscule Colour-Emitting Dots

Tiny but mighty: Quantum dots are being used to improve and refine the colours that we can see in television sets and in lighting. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2023 is awarded to Moungi G. Bawendi, Louis E. Brus and Aleksey Yekimov for the discovery and development of these particles.


Job Advertisment: Internship in Communications

The Lindau communications team is looking forward to welcoming a new intern in March 2024.


Painting that illustrates the depelopment of humans

Teaching Guide

From Early Man to Homo sapiens

In 1997, Svante Pääbo succeeded in sequencing parts of the mitochondrial DNA of a Neanderthal. This teaching unit introduces the field of palaeogenetics, which focuses on the genetic analysis of historical and prehistoric genetic material from fossils, mummified organisms, archaeological remains and other samples. This ancient DNA, also known as aDNA, provides important insights into past life forms and evolution.


DNA sequencing as key visual for the 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, announcement of the programme


Call for Peace