Since 1951, for
more than 70 years,
the Lindau Nobel

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support the exchange
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generations, scientific
disciplines and cultures.


Key Visual #LINO24: Abstract concept of atomic and quantum waves, illustrated with fractal elements


Economic Sciences: Arunima Roy

Backing the Wrong Horse: How to Make Better Decisions and Why They Are So Important

Learn why pigeons act like gamblers and how humour affects our decisions. Lindau Alumna and blogger Arunima Roy reflects about the science behind decision making.


4th Lindau Online Sciathon: 19−21 April 2024

This Friday, at 17:00 CEST, the 4th Lindau Online Sciathon 2024, a hackathon-style event for Lindau Alumni and #LINO24 Young Scientists, will start with the opening event.

Lindau Mediatheque

Illustration of Natural Experiments

Mini Lecture

Natural Experiments

Our three-part Mini Lecture series introduces the empirical research method of natural experiments in the context of labour economics and education. Watch now!


Call for Peace