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Beatrice Lugger

Historical lectures I: Rita Levi-Montalcini

I am one of the lucky people who may attend the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting several times. This will be my third time. But there’s a big BUT: The more often I have been, the more sad I am about all the other meetings I have missed. This year, the Lindau meetings celebrate their 60th […]

Beatrice Lugger

Roger Y. Tsien, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2008, Interview 2009

00:32 Developing Genetically Encoded Macromolecular Indicators 08:02 Infrared-Fluorescent Proteins, IFPs 10:54 On the Nobel Prize and the Importance of Team Effort In Coproduction with Sponsored by Mars.Ro – July 2009

Martin Fenner

100 years infection and cancer

There are many reasons to get excited in anticipation of this year’s Lindau Nobel meeting that is now less than two weeks away. One aspect of the meeting I personally enjoy is the appreciation for the historical perspective of science. One recurring theme of many Nobel laureates in Medicine or Physiology during the last 50 […]

Beatrice Lugger

Sir Harold Kroto, Nobel Laureate Chemistry 1996, Interview 2009

Competition and Motives: In this interview during the 59th Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting in 2009 Sir Harold Kroto talks about competition within science, the consequences of winning a Nobel Prize and he criticises teachers and educational policy makers who oppose creationism hesitantly.

Beatrice Lugger

Riccardo Giacconi, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2002, Interview 2008

Riccardo Giacconi chats in the interview during the 58th Nobel Laureates Meeting at Lindau about how his thoughts about X-rays sitting at the foot of the Matterhorn a long time ago. He reportes on the successes of the Hubble Telescope and the Very Large Telescope and more.

Beatrice Lugger

Erwin Neher, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 1991, Interview 2008

00:40 “Challenges” 03:54 Ideas 05:25 Solutions und Limitations 06:48 Unexpected Findings or Recognition by Chance 08:52 Open Questions: The Gigaseal 10:32 Current Work: Synaptic Plasticity In Coproduction with Sponsored by Mars.

Beatrice Lugger

Brian D. Josephson, Nobel Laureate in Physics 1973, Interview 2008

The theoretical physicist Brian D. Josephson votes for staying open minded in doing research. In the interview during the 58th Nobel Laureates Meeting at Lindau he says it is good to follow special target, but one should also be prepared to discover something quite different.

Beatrice Lugger

Theodor Hänsch, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2005, Interview 2008

00:24 The Nobel Prize in Physics 2005, 02:26 The Frequency Comb, 05:45 On Theory & Precision Experiments, 07:08 Stanford, 10:13 On Nobel Laureates, 10:55 Mentorship, in Coproduction with, sponsored by Mars

Beatrice Lugger

Roy Glauber, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2005, Interview 2008

00:25 Quantum Optics and the Nobel Prize in Physics 2005, 02:12 Bizarre Applications of Strange Phenomena, 04:00 The Los Alamos Project & Building the Bomb, 07:24 The Los Alamos Project & Robert Oppenheimer, 08:59 Styles of Feynman and Schwinger, 11:35 Becoming a Single Father, with, Sponsored by Mars

Beatrice Lugger

Jack Steinberger, Nobel Laureate in Physics 1988, Interview 2008

Fermi was the Greater Hero, 00:23 The Nobel Prize in Physics 1988, 01:01 Implications, 01:44 Mentors – Enrice Fermi and Robert Oppenheimer, 05:26 The Climate – A Global Challenge, 08:14 Alternative Energy Sources, 10:04 Possible Solutions sponsored by Mars

Beatrice Lugger

Peter Gruenberg, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2007, Interview 2008

Spintronics carry a high potential for findings in the near future which might change our everyday lifes, thinks Peter Gruenberg. In the interview during the 58th Nobel Laureates Meeting at Lindau he raves about the potential realization of spin-current – a sort of flowing magnetism.