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Beatrice Lugger

Peter Agre, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2003, Interview 2009

00:32 Channel-Mediated Water Permeability? 02:17 A 28kD Protein 06:36 Deciphering the Structure 09:33 New Frontiers In Coproduction with Sponsored by Mars. published June 2009

Ashutosh Jogalekar

Microwaves, magnetism and machine grease: a paean to tool-driven science

John Turton Randall was trying hard, real hard. For some time now, the University of Birmingham physicist was focusing on trying to improve the features of a machine which transmitted and received electromagnetic waves. A few years back this would have been just another intriguing academic problem for a physicist to crack, but this time it […]

Beatrice Lugger

Martin Chalfie, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2008, Interview 2009

The animal is transparent: 04:04 Ghia Euskirchen 09:12 Lessons from the GFP-Story In Coproduction with July 2009 Sponsored by Mars.

Beatrice Lugger

Roger Y. Tsien, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2008, Interview 2009

00:32 Developing Genetically Encoded Macromolecular Indicators 08:02 Infrared-Fluorescent Proteins, IFPs 10:54 On the Nobel Prize and the Importance of Team Effort In Coproduction with Sponsored by Mars.Ro – July 2009

Beatrice Lugger

Sir Harold Kroto, Nobel Laureate Chemistry 1996, Interview 2009

Competition and Motives: In this interview during the 59th Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting in 2009 Sir Harold Kroto talks about competition within science, the consequences of winning a Nobel Prize and he criticises teachers and educational policy makers who oppose creationism hesitantly.