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Both the meetings and the lectures given by the Nobel Laureates have been carefully documented since they first began in 1951. Up until just a few years ago, audio recordings were taken of almost all lectures and panel discussions; video recordings have been made since 2005.

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The History of the Meetings


Held for the first time in 1951 the Lindau Meetings established themselves as a unique platform for an intergenerational dialogue between scientists.


5th Lindau Meeting

on Economic Sciences


19-23 August 2014

Lindau Meeting of the Laureates of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel


The 5th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences will provide an open exchange of economic expertise and inspire cross-cultural and inter-generational encounters among economists from all over the world. The world economic and financial crisis will surely be a central theme between the Laureates and the young participants, but most likely the global central banking system or the challenges to the international free trade will also be main topics.


Participating Laureates

As of  March 2014, 19 Laureates have already announced their participation. Please find further information on the Laureates' profiles including their CVs in the Lindau Mediatheque or by following the links below.


Robert Aumann (CV)
Peter Diamond (CV)

Lars Peter Hansen (CV)
Finn Kydland (CV)
Eric Maskin (CV)
Daniel McFadden (CV)

Robert C. Merton (CV)
James Mirrlees (CV)
Robert Mundell (CV)
Roger Myerson (CV)
John Nash Jr. (CV)
Edmund Phelps (CV)
Edward Prescott (CV)

Alvin Roth (CV)

Reinhard Selten (CV)
William Sharpe (CV)

Christopher Sims (CV)
Vernon Smith (CV)
Joseph Stiglitz (CV)

Accreditation for Journalists


Journalists are kindly invited to apply for accreditation in order to attend the 2014 Lindau Meeting on Economic Science.


Please register here for accreditation.


With an accreditation, journalists will have access to most of the scientific programme sessions as well as to all social events. The communications team of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings will be happy to assist and support accredited journalists by providing background information and processing interview requests.


For this one week in July, I felt a part of the global scientific community in a way that I never had before.
Nicole Alexandra Larsen, Doctoral Candidate at Yale University