Urs Schwager


Urs Schwager


Permanent Council Guest



Urs Schwager was born in 1957 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

Since January 2017, he is Chairman of the Commission for Education, Science, Research (Kommission Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung)at the International Lake Constance Conference (Internationale Bodenseekonferenz, IBK).

He studied English Literature and Linguistics, Pedagogy and Media Sciences at the University of Zurich, where he obtained his master’s degree in 1985. After further studies at the universities of Edinburgh, Zurich and Berne, he was also awarded the Master of Advanced Studies in Secondary and Higher Education in 1989.

Even before he had finished his studies, he took up teaching at various colleges in England and Switzerland. In 1991, he was appointed Head of Schulamt II by the government of the Swiss Canton Thurgau, and in 2001 he became Head of the Bureau for Higher Secondary and University Education in Thurgau.

He is also Secretary of the Thurgovian Foundation for Science and Research (Thurgauische Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Forschung) and member of various boards:

  • University of Konstanz, University council (member, 2004 – 2016)
  • University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen, University Council (member)
  • University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen, Advisory Council for Social Sciences (chair)
  • Hochschule Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, Board of Trustees (member)
  • Schweizerische Maturitätskommission (member)
  • Schweizerische Mittelschulämterkonferenz (member of the board)
  • Thurgauisch-Schaffhauserische Maturitätsschule für Erwachsene (Adult College), Board of Governors (chair)