BLOG - Robert Grubbs

Beatrice Lugger

Industry’s rare resources (Catalysis – Grubbs & Ertl)

Almost all industrial processes rely on catalysts, which increase the rate of chemical reactions. Many catalysts are made from rare metals – and the young researchers in this film are worried about them running out. They put the problem to Nobel laureates Robert Grubbs and Gerhard Ertl. The group discusses how dwindling supplies of rare […]

Kathleen Raven

Energy storage, rare metals and the next ice age

The holy grail of energy storage may lie in chemical bonds, but a process for making this happen remains unknown. All of the Nobel Laureates who weighed in yesterday on a chemical energy conversion panel agreed on this much. “Replacement of liquid fossil fuels is still in far reach,” said moderator Wolfgang Lubitz, director of […]