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The Many Lives of Steven Chu

Susanne Dambeck

The Many Lives of Steven Chu

From quantum physics and molecular biology to energy politics and climate change: meet an extraordinary Nobel Laureate.Dieser Nobelpreisträger kennt sich nicht nur in der Quantenphysik aus, sondern kümmert sich auch um Molekularbiologie, Energiepolitik und engagiert sich im Klimaschutz.


New Mini Lecture: The Future

What will the future bring? Since the dawn of history this question has excerted an incredible fascination.

Beatrice Lugger

Energy for the future – a search

Energy and sustainability are this year’s focus for the panel discussion and the exhibition on the Isle of Maine. A couple of thoughts in advance (1). About 80 percent of the world’s energy needs today are met by fossil fuels: oil, coal and gas. The combustion of materials millions of years old has made humans […]