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The Ozone Hole Could Become History

Susanne Dambeck

The Ozone Hole Could Become History

The depletion of the ozone layer has been stopped, thanks to concerted international action.The depletion of the ozone layer has been stopped, thanks to concerted international action.

Das Ozonloch könnte sich schließen

Susanne Dambeck

Das Ozonloch könnte sich schließen

Das Ozonloch hat sich stabilisiert, dank beispielhafter internationaler Anstrengungen zum Schutz der Stratosphäre.

Simon Engelke

What to learn from Nobel Laureates

Being able to meet 35 Nobel laureates is a rare and highly desirable opportunity. A question that arises when preparing to meet people of such stature is: What can we learn from them? It was my good fortune that I already had the chance to meet one of the laureates – Paul Crutzen (Nobel Prize […]

Lou Woodley

Climate change – challenges, concerns and communication

If the first session of plenary lectures focusing on cosmology made us feel somewhat insignificant compared to the huge time scales involved in studying the universe, the second set of talks underlined how dramatic man’s impact on Earth has been and the challenges facing scientists in communicating this.     "The warming of the climate […]

Jessica Riccò

Schweigen im Walde bei Paul Crutzen

Am Montagnachmittag im Forum am See: Gut 30 junge Wissenschaftler haben sich in einem kleinen Raum zusammengefunden um Paul Crutzens Vortrag zum Klimawandel zu lauschen. Hinter mir hat es sich Dr. Susanne Hintschich bequem gemacht – heute ist sie zwar Physikerin, aber als Ex-Meteorologin und Wissenschaftsbegeisterte interessiert sie das Thema sowieso. Crutzen ist ja nun […]

Ashutosh Jogalekar

Paul Crutzen’s Other Big Idea

Nobel Laureate Paul Crutzen will be at Lindau this year, along with his fellow recipient F. Sherwood Rowland. The two along with Mario Molina contributed to one of the most significant intersections of science with politics and public policy in the twentieth century when they discovered the effects of chlorofluorocarbons and other chemical compounds on […]