BLOG - Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Susanne Dambeck

“The laureates enjoyed to reveal a little bit about themselves”

Volker Steger had an unusual idea: he asked Nobel Laureates to draw their respective topics, then he photographed them with their sketches. An exhibition of these remarkable images has already travelled around the world.

Kathleen Raven

Women to Women: Science and Family

The key to the early child-rearing years is to be well-organized with a laser-like focus.

Stephanie Hanel

J. Michael Bishop and the Discovery of the first Human Oncogene

At the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting for the first time: John Michael Bishop, who revealed how retroviral cancer genes develop on a molecular level.

Susanne Dambeck

From Mice and Fruit Flies Towards Novel Infection Treatment

Susanne Dambeck on the Research of immunologists Bruce Beutler and Jules Hoffman who are both at Lindau for the first time.