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Akshat Rathi

From a small city in India to the big world of science

Sarika Goel grew up in India in a small city called Meerut in the state of Uttar Pradesh. As a curious child she grew to love science and chose to study engineering. After completing undergraduate studies in chemical engineering in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, she joined to the University of California at […]

Beatrice Lugger

What science and research are achieving in developing countries

In his Lindau Video Diary, India’s P.H. Reddy shows fellow American and Chinese researchers at Lindau around his lab in India, and interviews leading scientists at Hyderabad University about what they believe science and research could and has achieved in developing countries.

Beatrice Lugger

Insights in the scientific life of 6 young researchers

‚Where do you come from?’, ‚What is your special subject?’, ‚How are conditions for research in your country?’ – these and many other questions are some you might hear during the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting very often. No wonder. In Lindau 580 young researchers from nearly 70 countries come together. All with different backgrounds and […]