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Alexander Bastidas Fry

A Picture Diary of Lindau

Sometimes I forget to explain the strong cultural element that is present in Lindau because I am so interested in the science. Here is a selection of some of my favorite pictures that I took this while at the conference. I hope they may convey some amount of the people’s enthusiasm and the entire spirit […]

Markus Pössel

Social scientists, Singapore and a Polonaise

Welcome to the social side of the meeting – here, the international get-together, lavishly illustrated with digital photographs taken on the scene.  His excellency, Dr. Tony Tan, President of Singapore, explaining Singapore’s status as a modern, knowledge-oriented, innovative country with entrepreneurial spirit. Singaporean entertainers demonstrating Singapore’s status as a modern, knowledge-oriented, innovative country with entrepreneurial […]

Markus Pössel

Lindau: A 2010 participant tells all

MP: Hi Rike – and thanks for agreeing to do this interview! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? RM-W: I’m Rike Müller-Werkmeister, and I’m almost finished with my PhD at the Institute for Biophysics of Frankfurt University. For my thesis, I’m investigating biomolecular dynamics, using ultra-short laser pulses, and artificial aminoacids as new […]

Markus Pössel

Lindau: Tipps und Erinnerungen einer Teilnehmerin des 2010er-Treffens

Rike Müller-Werkmeister hatte ich bereits während des Lindauer Treffens 2010 interviewt, an dem sie als Jungwissenschaftlerin teilnahm – einmal direkt am Anfang des Treffens, einmal gegen Ende. Daher habe ich sofort an Rike gedacht, als ich mich fragte, wer wohl den diesjährigen Teilnehmern ein Gefühl vom Ablauf und, ja, vom Geist der Lindauer Treffen vermitteln […]


Lindau – der Rückblick

Eine Woche Nobelpreisträgertreffen liegt hinter uns und wir hatten ein wenig Zeit, die Eindrücke zu verarbeiten und natürlich auch die Fotos durchzusehen. Ich war leider zu faul, meine Digicam jeden Tag mitzunehmen und die Bedingungen vor Ort haben der Kamera in meinem iPhone ganz klar ihre Grenzen aufgezeigt, trotzdem habe ich etwa ein Dutzend nette […]

Christine Ottery

Top 5 unforgettable Lindau meeting moments

Here are some of the moments that really stood out for me at the 61st Meeting of the Nobel Laureates at Lindau. What were yours?      Number 1   Sir Harold Kroto unbuttoning his salmon pink shirt on the stage at the Inselhalle elicited a collective gasp. There was a t-shirt with Darwin’s phylogenetic […]

Lou Woodley

Photoblog: what’s Lindau actually like?

Are you curious to know what it’s actually like to be at Lindau? Where do the lectures take place and where do we write our blogs? I’ve included a few pictures from the last 2 days to give a flavour of what it’s like to be here. If these photos have whet your appetite, you […]

Beatrice Lugger

Opening Ceremony 2010 – Statements young researchers

2010 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting Opening Ceremony Statements Young Researchers