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Will saving the future of science help save humanity?

Louis Wang

Will saving the future of science help save humanity?

Government investment in scientific research is not just an investment in the future of young scientists, but also that of mankind.


New Mini Lecture: The Future

What will the future bring? Since the dawn of history this question has excerted an incredible fascination.

Beatrice Lugger

Nature Lindau video: The energy endgame

In the next 100 years or so, we will run out of fossil fuels. In this film, Nobel laureates Mario Molina and Robert Laughlin challenge three young physicists to think seriously about the energy endgame and their children’s futures. Molina believes

Jessica Riccò

Nobel questions – Lindau answers. The students’ point of view.

Prior to the Nobel meeting young researches had the oppurtunity to send in questions – we called that section "Nobel questions, Lindau answers". In the last days I interviewed a couple of young scientists who replied to these questions – and may lead to more discussion in the commentaries of this posting.  Today’s young scientists […]