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Will saving the future of science help save humanity?

Louis Wang

Will saving the future of science help save humanity?

Government investment in scientific research is not just an investment in the future of young scientists, but also that of mankind.

Beatrice Lugger

The danger of losing the creative element of science – Sir John E. Walker

Last October 39 Nobel Laureates and 5 Fields Medal winners signed an open letter to warn against cutting the future European Union research budget. Among them was Sir John E. Walker – together with eleven further Laureates who attend this year’s Lindau Meeting. „In case of a severe reduction in the EU research and innovation […]

Kathleen Raven

Behind the greatest experiments: basic research

Insight must precede application.  — Max Planck, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1918 One summer day a young Martin Chalfie walked out of a lab after a particularly frustrating experiment. He thought—quite erroneously—that the life of a scientist was not for him. After teaching high school chemistry for some years, he gave one more try. Working […]