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Ashutosh Jogalekar

Steven Chu talks innovation, energy, climate change and awareness

Former Secretary of Energy and Nobel Laureate Steven Chu gave a wide-ranging and engaging talk at Lindau about science innovation and a realistic appraisal of problems. There were two main messages in his presentation: first, that scientific innovation has often thwarted doom and gloom prognostications, and second, that an accurate recognition of the nature of […]

Beatrice Lugger

Green Chemistry – a focal point in Lindau

Many participants of this year’s Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau show a specific interest in Green Chemistry. Sustainabilty and advancemtents for the future are on their list. As there are really many expressing this certain interest, I hope no one is angry with me, that I did not choose her or him. For example these  […]

Beatrice Lugger

Christian René de Duve – Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2011

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