BLOG - Emma Johnston


Women in Science: Fixing the Leaking Pipeline

Watch the full video of the Australia-hosted Science Breakfast on women in science that took place this summer during #lnlm14.

Kathleen Raven

Von Frau zu Frau: Wissenschaft und Familie

Der Schlüssel für eine erfolgreiche Kleinkindphase: exzellent organisiert sein, getaktet wie exakte Laserpulse.

Kirsty Short

A Sunburnt Country

Yesterday, Australia had the privilege of hosting the International Get-Together. This was a unique opportunity to showcase Australian culture, lifestyle, and of course, science. As an Australian living abroad this was also a chance for me to remember all the things from my home country that I miss.

Kathleen Raven

Women to Women: Science and Family

The key to the early child-rearing years is to be well-organized with a laser-like focus.