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Beatrice Lugger

Fuelling controversy (Biofuels – Chu & Michel)

We are facing a global energy crisis, and scientists are charged with finding alternatives to fossil fuels. In this film, Nobel laureates Steven Chu and Hartmut Michel visit a farm with three young researchers to consider our energy future. They ask whether biofuels can power the planet and, if not, what are the alternatives? The […]

Akshat Rathi

Interview with Hartmut Michel: on biofuels, Max Planck

Harmut Michel won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1988 “for the determination of the structure of a photosynthetic reaction centre”, which helped reveal details of one of nature’s most useful processes. In 2012, Michel wrote an editorial titled “The Nonsense of Biofuels” in Angewandte Chemie International Edition, a leading chemistry journal. He argued that […]