Große Tradition verpflichtet – Wissenschaftsland Frankreich

Stephanie Hanel

Große Tradition verpflichtet – Wissenschaftsland Frankreich

Sieben Nobelpreisträger aus Frankreich zu Gast in LindauSieben Nobelpreisträger aus Frankreich zu Gast in Lindau

Christian Schumacher

New Film Series “A Picture of Health”

The trailer of the 2014 Nature Video film series and the film “HIV in hiding” are out now!

Stephanie Hanel

Françoise Barré-Sinoussi’s Fight Against AIDS

Why HIV research always has a political dimension and why a renowned researcher can also be an international political activist.

Stephanie Hanel

Francoise Barré-Sinoussi und ihr Kampf gegen AIDS

Warum Aids-Forschung immer auch eine politische Dimension hat und eine Wissenschaftlerin gleichzeitig eine international agierende Aktivistin sein kann.

Yasin Emanee

The HIV-Pandemic and Scientific Persistance – Barré-Sinoussi

AIDS today is a pandemic of unprecedented proportion.

Stephanie Hanel

Virtueller Besuch am Institut Pasteur in Paris

Rundgang durch das Labor von „Scientist Activist“ Francoise Barré-Sinoussi

Stephanie Hanel

Virtual Visit at the Institut Pasteur in Paris

Meet “Scientist Activist” Françoise Barré-Sinoussi

Martin Fenner

100 years infection and cancer

There are many reasons to get excited in anticipation of this year’s Lindau Nobel meeting that is now less than two weeks away. One aspect of the meeting I personally enjoy is the appreciation for the historical perspective of science. One recurring theme of many Nobel laureates in Medicine or Physiology during the last 50 […]