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The Ageing Brain

Judith M. Reichel

The Ageing Brain

Everyone does it, we barely understand it, and as of now, there is no way of stopping it: ageing. What causes our downfall as we get older and can we stop it?

Christine Gorman

What a Ball of Wool can tell You about Healthy Aging

Seeking for objective measures that indicate how healthy you are.

Jalees Rehman

The Stress of Ageing

How do I knock off thirty years from my age?

Christine Ottery

Take control of your telomeres – Elizabeth Blackburn

It was an accidental mutation of the Tetrahymena thermophila, a pond organism, during a lab experiment that revealed that the enzyme telomerase keeps the protective caps on the end of chromosomes long. Speaking at the 61st Meeting of Nobel Laureates at Lindau, Elisabeth Blackburn compared the caps, called telomeres, to the tips on the end of a shoelace that prevent it from fraying. Telomeres […]