Published 7 January 2019 by LINO News

Roy J. Glauber 1925–2018

Roy J. Glauber during his lecture ‘Recollections of the Manhattan Project’ at the 66th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, © Christian Flemming/Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

The Council and Foundation Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings deeply mourns the loss of Nobel Laureate Roy J. Glauber who sadly passed away on 26 December 2018 at the age of 93. He received the Nobel Prize in Physics 2005 “for his contribution to the quantum theory of optical coherence.” This theory required the development of the laser.

At the age of eighteen, Glauber was recruited to work at Los Alamos, birthplace of the atomic bomb during the Manhattan Project. At the 66th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in 2016, he shared unique memories of these historic events.

Overall, Roy J. Glauber participated in seven Lindau Meetings. The Council and Foundation extend their deep sympathies to his family.