Published 18 June 2014

Faces – Young Scientist Profile: Prakash Bajgain

This time on “Faces”: Prakash Bajgain from Nepal.

About Faces: „Faces“ is a new series on the Lindau Blog. It highlights the remarkable young scientists who participate in the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings and shares their stories and thoughts.


About his research interests:

“My research revolves around the question how science correlates to mankind and how the laws of science can play a vital role in human life. My goal is to interpret the importance of science in our daily lives.”


On the challenges of a scientist’s life:

“It wasn’t easy to get this far. In fact, it was a day and night struggle. In my country, Nepal, the scientific development is just starting and I want to be among those who contribute to this cause. As a child I was inspired by the great Albert Einstein. To start where others quit is what I learned from him. In the end it is all about perseverance.”


On what he does outside of the lab:

“I published my first book (“The Way to Science and Research, Vol. 1”) in 2012 and it became very successful in Nepal. Recently I have been working on a second book which will be called “What the World thinks”. In this book I want to collect the ideas of people from all around the world to find the best ways of motivating ourselves. It will be a great platform for the exchange of ideas, I think.”


On his expectations about the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting:

“The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting is the best platform for me to collect and exchange ideas and to have interesting discussions with different young scientists from around the globe, the Nobel Laureates and all the other participants.”


Prakash Bajgain will attend the 64th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on Physiology or Medicine.