Published 19 August 2014

Faces – Young Scientist Profile: Melissa Lynes

Intelligence+Drive+Creativity=Good Economist according to Melissa Lynes, who is introduced on Faces this time.

In Faces we portray the young scientists of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings and give them an open forum to talk about their research and everything else that is important to them. Everybody should feel encouraged to also share their own thoughts and stories. faces_lynes_profile

On her research interests:

“My research is focused on energy economics. Energy economics is a small but growing field that will help to answer how we will not only provide enough electricity for the world’s growing population but how to ensure there is enough food and clean water to support it.”


On the challenges of an economist’s life:

“For me the hardest thing was deciding to change careers and pursue my interest in environmental and energy economics. I was previously in Sports Marketing, and I decided that it was not something I was passionate about.  That is when I made the decision to work towards a PhD in Economics.”


What makes a good economist? (Watch the video)

“There are several attributes that must be present to make a good economist: intelligence, drive, and creativity. Intelligence without drive or creativity will quickly stagnate. Intelligence and drive without creativity might produce good work but will not move the profession forward. A good economist is one that is helping move the profession forward and it takes all three attributes to do so.”


What are the challenges for the next generation? (Watch the video)

“The world is even smaller than in past generations. Issues that one country faces today often impact many other countries. It is even more important now than ever before that economists across the world work together to try to tackle these issues.”


On her expectations on the Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences:

“I am excited to meet and network with the other young economist from other parts of the globe. It is increasingly valuable to work with researchers from different countries and different specializations to help tackle some of the issues we face and this will be a great opportunity to meet the researchers.”


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