Published 24 June 2014

Faces – Young Scientist Profile: Maria Iakovleva

In this new edition of “Faces” we introduce Russian psychologist Maria Iakovleva.


About Faces: „Faces“ is a new series on the Lindau Blog. It highlights the remarkable young scientists who participate in the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings and shares their stories and thoughts.


On her research interests:

“I firmly believe that our research is important because it reveals the significance of clinical psychology in medicine (in the preventive treatment, therapy and also rehabilitation). It proves that psychology nowadays is a complex, independent and self-sufficient science as well as medicine. I feel that the obtained results could be of great importance for specialists and common people: heart diseases for example are usually psychosomatic, that means we can’t do without psychological knowledge. The problem we study is most current: in contemporary medicine a great part of the responsibility for the process of treatment lies with the patient, so the significance of adherence to therapy is considerable. We also must take into account the economic aspect: the effects of an expensive heart surgery can be reduced by non-adherent behaviour of patients.”


On the challenges of a scientist’s life:

“Since the moment I first found myself in the scientific field my aspiration I wanted to be part of it. The opportunity of helping people, making meaningful discoveries and defying the existing stereotypes in our country related to psychological help have motivated me to do my best in studies. The lasts years I have expended all my energy and time in studying for highest grades, gaining experience and struggling for being taken seriously. The high competition, incomprehension and unvalued efforts made my way thorny and taught me to fight for my dream. Also I have learned to establish contact with all kinds of people, coming up with consolation and psychological help.”


On her road to Lindau:

“It was decided to propose some young scientists of our University whose field of research is medicine. First the selection was carried out at the Faculty of Medicine, and then it was also proposed to choose a specialist in clinical psychology. Our department selected me as a promising young researcher for my academic achievements, survey realization and personal qualities.”


On her expectations on the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting:

“I would be happy to learn from experienced scientists, meet like-minded people and share ideas. I am inspired by the opportunity of networking and projecting international researches.”


On what science means to her:

“I always considered science to be a fascinating activity, which allows us to orientate ourselves in the variety of world phenomena and to solve its puzzles. Science is the best way of contribution to the development of our society and to its prosperity. Science is also a good way for personal growth.”


Maria Iakovleva will attend the 64th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.