Published 22 June 2014

Faces – Young Scientist Profile: Esteban Hernandez-Vargas

Today in „Faces“: Esteban Hernandez-Vargas from Mexico.


About Faces: „Faces“ is a new series on the Lindau Blog. It highlights the remarkable young scientists who participate in the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings and shares their stories and thoughts.


About his research interests:

“My research lies at the interface between control theory, mathematics and biology. I focus mainly on mathematical modelling of viral dynamics, influenza and HIV; ageing and immunosenescence. It is based on computer simulation and mathematical models. I believe my research is critical for understanding diseases when biological experiments are limited or producing contradictory results.”


On the challenges of a scientist’s life:

“There are many challenges but perhaps the most difficult one for me was to leave Mexico and come to Europe during a period in which my family was having many problems.”


On his road to Lindau:

“My boss at the Helmholtz Centre told me about it. We were not too optimistic at all to apply, due to the fact that we are a theoretical group and we thought the probability of acceptance wasn’t that high, but here we are.”


On his expectations of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting:

“I have been in several conferences and meetings, but this is special, due to the quality of the speakers. This is also a great chance to expand my networking and establish new collaborations.”


On what science means to him:

“Our society is facing new challenges, not only economical but also in health. I strongly believe that SCIENCE is the key to open the door for the future solutions that our societies need!”


Esteban Hernandez-Vargas will attend the 64th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.