Science all around the World: A Photo Project

650 young scientists from 88 different countries participated in the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. One of them was Sarah Katharina Meisenheimer who is currently doing her Ph. D. in non-linear optics at the University of Freiburg, Germany. At Lindau she was especially fascinated by the cultural diversity of the meeting participants – that’s how the idea behind the photo project ‘Science all around the World’ was born. Miss Meisenheimer took portrait shots of 76 of the young scientists at the meeting. In the pictures they all carry signs with the word ‘science’ written in their respective native tongues.

In a short interview for our blog Miss Meisenheimer tells us more about her project.

(Copyright for all photos: Sarah Katharina Meisenheimer)

Vincenzo Hiemer

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Vincenzo Hiemer was part of the communications team of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings from 2015-2017. The graduated journalist functioned as a social media editor and was responsible for coordinating the Lindau Blog together with Gero von der Stein.

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5 comments on “Science all around the World: A Photo Project

  • Science and scientific inquiry are better off when passionate experts and talented researchers from around the world can work together to solve big problems. I commend Ms. Meisenheimer for her creative way to engage young scientists from around the world.

  • Arbab M. Toufiq says:

    I appreciate this wonderful idea and a theme called “Science all around the world”.

  • Ghada Bassioni says:

    It is all about communication! What a wonderful idea to engage young scientists globally to share scientific knowledge regardless of their cultural background!

  • Science changes people’s life and people develop science. Science is all around world because it exist in everywhere and everyone may be the scientists.

  • Beth Goldman says:


    I am trying to find information about Cambodian scientists. can you help me?

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