Veröffentlicht 4. Juli 2014 von Wolfgang Huang

Goodbye Participants, Welcome Alumni

Even after the meeting in Lindau, participants can stay in contact via Lindau’s Alumni Directory.

Slowly, the 64th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting is coming to it’s end. We hope that everyone will return home with lots of good memories, fruitful inspirations, and many new contacts. And as far as the contacts are concerned, we can also assist you a bit even after the meeting is over.

The Lindau Alumni Directory is a comfortable tool to browse through the particpant list, their research interests, and to find out their contact details.

Screenshot from the meeting's alumni directory.
Screenshot from the meeting’s alumni directory.

The Alumni Directory is available at To log-in, just use your NAPERS credentials (which you have been using during the whole application process).

By the way, make sure to check our blog and mediatheque even after the meeting, as we will continuously update it with content from the meeeting!

See you online!

Wolfgang Huang

Director of the Executive Secretariat of the Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings