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Daily Recap – Tuesday, 2 July 2024

The Main Hall was packed for our Panel Discussion on quantum technologies.
Photo/Credit: Patrick Kunkel/Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

Since we do know exactly where we are located (Lindau – I checked the map!), no wonder we have no idea how quickly half the Meeting has gone by already…

A possible explanation to why these three days have seemingly passed in attoseconds though, is the wealth of fascinating scientific formats we have had the pleasure to experience so far. Tuesday continued with Lectures and Agora Talks on various topics – some of them by Lindau first-timers! The following lunch was good for everyone in the Inselhalle but even better for the lucky Young Scientists who got to have an exciting conversation over a shared meal with Nobel Laureates during our Laureate Lunches. During the afternoon the first Panel Discussion of the week took place and afterwards the Open Exchanges offered deeper dives into previous discussed questions. In the evening LINO particpants as well as Lindau citizens got together in the Toskanapark for the traditional Grill & Chill barbecue.

Quote of the Day

„One of my hopes is that we can put the weirdness to work.“

William D. Phillips, Nobel Laureate in Physics 1997, on quantum entanglement.

Picture of the Day 

A look towards the ceiling of the Inselhalle reveals all Nobel Laureates that have been to Lindau before. 

Photo/Credit: Judith Döker/Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

Featured Blog Post

Blogger Ulrike Böhm advocates for more female perspectives in science. Her project „Women in Research“ features insights into the careers of women in diverse scientific fields. In Lindau she sat down with physical oceanographer Claire Yung who is a Young Scientist at #LINO24. 

Read the full article on our blog.

Fact of the Day

Unfortunately, other than the particles that make us up, we, as a whole, are not able to be in two places at the same time so some decisions have to be made every day. One especially tough one in Lindau: which Session should be attended?! Lucky for you, there is a place where you can catch up on the ones you missed. Our Lindau Mediatheque offers recordings of Agora Talks, Lectures, Panel Discussions and many more formats (since 1952) so you can enjoy it all in one place!

Today’s Highlight Session

While the Potential and Hype for quantum jokes is definitely high, what about Quantum Technology? Today’s afternoon Panel Discussion tried to approach this question and ask: Where Are We Headed?

Tuesday’s Tweets

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Programme Preview: Wednesday

Wednesday’s programme has Laureates and Young Scientists taking turns on the big stage once again. In the Evening the Heidelberg Lecture will give insights into a mathematician’s mind. 

  • 09:00–10:30 Next Gen Science Sessions
  • 11:00–13:00 Agora Talks
  • 15:00–16:30 Open Exchanges 
  • 17:00–18:30 Scientific Exchange Among Young Scientists Sessions
  • 19:00–19:45 Heidelberg Lecture
  • 19:45–21:30 Dinners

Make sure to check the meeting programme for a detailed overview of the upcoming days.

Over the course of the next days, we will keep you updated on the 73rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting with our Daily Recaps where you can find all the day’s highlights in one place. We will feature blog posts, photos and videos from the Mediatheque as well as social media.


Valeria Wollenweber

Valeria Wollenweber is part of the communications team of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings for #LINO24. She studied communication and media in Berlin and is preparing for her master's degree in science communication.