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Daily Recap – Friday, 26 August 2022

Today was the last day of #LINOecon in the Inselhalle, as we will head off to Mainau Island tomorrow, where we celebrate the final day of this eventful week. After a Partner Breakfast and a Morning Workout, the day went on with insightful lectures by several Laureates. Later, young economists and Laureates had the opportunity to interact even closer during informal Laureate Lunches and Science Walks. Once again, young economists presented their frontier research to the audience in Next Gen Economics sessions. Finally, our Bavarian Evening was a worthy end of the day, celebrating the cultural diversity of #LINOecon.

Quote of the Day

“Good work is work that enables people to discover their talents and flourish.”

Sir Christopher A. Pissarides

Picture of the Day

Laureate Christopher A. Sims with young economists during his Science Walk. 

Blog Post of the Day

Bridging the gap between mainstream and behavioural economics played a central role in the debates at #LINOecon. Science writer Benjamin Skuse shares his insights from these discussions in our blog.

Figure of the Day: 29

As the scientific programme has come to an end, all 29 sessions featuring Laureates and young economists can now be found online in the Lindau Mediatheque

Tweets of the Day

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Video of the Day

Laureate Sir Christopher A. Pissarides delivered a topical lecture on „The Future of work and Well-Being; Post Covid-19“. 


Annabell Reiß

Annabell Reiß ist part of the communications team of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. She studied International Culture and Business Administration at the University of Passau and joined the team for #LINO22 and LINOEcon.