BLOG - The Lindau Experience

Lou Woodley

The travelling is over, now the exploration can begin

Like a chemotactic bacterium sensing its way towards a food source, I made my route to Lindau on Saturday. At Zurich station I met a Japanese post-doc who was also traveling from Cambridge and later in the journey we both met another researcher from New York, also heading to this year’s Nobel Laureates Meeting. While […]

Lou Woodley

Making Movies – an interview with the Nature film team

In 2008, 2009 and again this year, the Nature podcast and video team have attended the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meetings and produced several short films around them. I talked to Charlotte Stoddart who is the Director and Producer of the films, and Martin Freeth who works with the film crew every year as an Executive […]

Alexander Bastidas Fry

Planes, Trains, and Einstein

I have spent an entire day traveling and toiling against the turning of the earth to get to Lindau. To pass the time on the plane over the Atlantic I read Albert Einstein’s short book Relativity (the subtitles for this English version are the special and general theory or a clear explanation that anyone can understand). […]

Jessica Riccò

Griass aich! Or: Where on earth am I?

Welcome to Lindau. Apparently, you’re one of the non-German readers of this blog and in that case maybe even one of the lucky scientists who will travel to this picturesque town next week. If it is your first visit to Germany you should definetely try to see a little more than Lindau – especially because […]

Akshat Rathi

How the Lindau meeting contributes to the celebration of science

Discoveries in science are rarely celebrated on the scale that great art is or major sporting achievements are. Has Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2 received the same amount of attention that the Mona Lisa on display in the Louvre in Paris has? Probably not. And yet, it has contributed a lot more to society. […]

Jessica Riccò

Lindau at Lake Constance: A quick survival guide

Lindau at Lake Constance – a name that promises pure adventure. Yet before you, temerarious young researcher oder you, fearless journalist or you, wise Nobel Laureate travel to reach the Swabian countryside, you should consider the following five security references: 1. Pack the beekeeper’s suit. Or protect yourself in a different way from hungry midges. […]

Beatrice Lugger

60 Years – The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

This picture gallery gives impressions of the past 60 years of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. Educating, Inspiring an Connecting Scientific Generations since 1951

Ashutosh Jogalekar

Reflections on Nobel City

Cities, just like human beings, have character. The character is frequently defined by little things as well as big. For instance New York is The Big Apple, Paris the city of fashion, Sydney the city with the Opera House and Rio de Janeiro the carnival city. Small cities are also known for their own accomplishments. […]