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Egon Birner

NobelLabs und Mini Lectures für den Unterricht

Das bayerische Bildungsportal „mebis“ integriert Materialien aus der Lindauer Mediathek

Bing Wan

China’s Actions to cut Carbon Emissions

China’s climate change policies could result in dramatic reductions in carbon emissions, according to #LindauEcon14 participantBing Wan.

Hanno Charisius

On Man and Microbes – Barry Marshall

In the summer of 1984, the Australian scientist Neil Noakes took some bacteria from a petri dish, mixed them with lukewarm beef extract – the normal nutrient solution for bacteria in the lab – and filled a little more than one cup into a beaker. Then he handed this mix to his colleague, the gastroenterologist […]

Jalees Rehman

The Stress of Ageing

How do I knock off thirty years from my age?

Susanne Dambeck

From Mice and Fruit Flies Towards Novel Infection Treatment

Susanne Dambeck on the Research of immunologists Bruce Beutler and Jules Hoffman who are both at Lindau for the first time.