BLOG - Physics

Gero von der Stein

Mini Lecture: Cosmology

How has our picture of the universe developed in the history of cosmology?

Stephanie Hanel

George Smoot: The explorer of cosmic microwave background radiation is 70

George Smoot from MIT to “The Big Bang Theory”

Susanne Dambeck

Eugene Wigner: A Modest Genius

Wigner was not only one of the greatest physicists of the 20th century – he is also one of the least known. The modest genius died twenty years ago.

Stephanie Hanel

The Ongoing Issue of Dark Matter

New research data is shining an ever brighter light on the Big Bang – but dark matter remains elusive.

Susanne Dambeck

Stefan Hell: An Unorthodox Mind

His discoveries have revolutionised optics: from a rebellious standpoint to highest academic honours.

Stephanie Hanel

Illuminated three times – Nobel Prize in Physics for the lighting technology of the 21st century

After decades of research Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura had a decisive breakthrough: The blue LED.

Patricia Edema

New Topic Cluster: Quantum Mechanics

The Lindau Mediatheque is proud to present yet another new topic cluster, this time dealing with quantum mechanics.

Patricia Edema

New Topic Cluster: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

The Lindau Mediatheque published its newest immersive topic cluster today dedicated to NMR, ‘the music of matter’.

Susanne Dambeck

Alexander Gerst: Coming Home Today!

If everything goes according to plan, today Alex Gerst will land with a Soyuz capsule in Kazakhstan after having spent 166 days in space.

Stephanie Hanel

Paul Dirac: The Quiet Genius Died 30 Years Ago

He is considered to be an important founding father of modern quantum physics, his books are still standard reference works, and many people have heard of one of the technical terms named after him. But who is the person behind these terms – who was Paul Dirac?


Nobel Prize 2014: Out of the Blue

This year’s physics prize has been awarded to three scientists responsible for developing blue LED diodes.

Susanne Dambeck

One-Way Street Toward Interdisciplinarity?

For a successful interdisciplinary team – bring in some real experts!