Published 4 August 2022 by Oluwabunmi Adejumo

Young Economists at #LINOecon – Shift From Macro to Micro

Many factors play a key role in influencing the inequality around the globe. Photo/Credit: Tony Studio/iStockphoto

Social Scientist Oluwabunmi Adejumo works as lecturer and researcher at the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife and as a research fellow at the Covenant University in Ota, both located in Nigeria. The #LINOecon participant in 2022 focusses on the field of development issues.

Since my last update I made a shift in my research approach from macroeconomic to microeconomic studies using development methodologies.

One reason for my decision was the experience of my non-resident fellowship at the Center for Effective Global Action, University of Berkley, California, at the beginning of this year. This experience taught me to use development methodologies as a technique for field experiments, analysis and evaluation of interventions and government policies.

I am happy that these options are possible again after the time with several lockdowns. The limitation in travelling gave me ample time to concentrate and learn new analytical methodologies relevant for my research. But I was restricted in forming new strong relationships.

Being a Problem Solver

Oluwabunmi AdejumoMy research interest in development problems intersects issues of sustainability, labour, gender, entrepreneurship and rural-urban development.

My decision to work on development subjects stems from the peculiarity of sub-Saharan Africa and its status of underdevelopment, which in turn has influenced every aspect of life to include migration, conflicts, forced labour and trafficking, poverty and inequalities.

I have decided to become a scientist simply because I am interested in being a problem solver. And since I am a social scientist, I am committed to conducting research and need-based interventions that address human problems and promote the world we want or desire in terms of development.

Questions to Laureates and Young Economists

In August, I will participate virtually in the 7th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences. I am looking forward to exchange with economists from around the world and get to know other perspectives. If I get the opportunity to talk to a Laureate online, I will ask, to what extent academia can influence public policy, as well as the feasibility of decolonizing knowledge borders. With other young economists I would like to discuss the trade-off between technological advancement and human development ­­– truly significant questions for which I hope to find valuable contributions from the global field of participants.

Oluwabunmi Adejumo

Oluwabunmi Adejumo is conducting research in social science at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife and at the Covenant University in Ota, both located in Nigeria. She was a fellow of the Center for Effective Global Action, University of California, Berkley, United States. She is currently working on a JPAL funded development project in rural primary schools in Nigeria. She will attend the 7th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences in 2022.