Published 19 May 2022 by Jayeeta Saha

Participants of #LINO22 – Magnets for Hydrogen Production

Jayeeta at her campus in Bombay.
Photo/Credit: Courtesy of Jayeeta Saha

Jayeeta Saha participated in the digital anniversary meeting #LINO70 and the Online Sciathons 2020 and 2021. She is looking forward to finally experience Lindau on site this summer. Last year she was busy finishing her PhD at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay which she completed in the meantime. Jayeeta is currently continuing her research in the field of hydrogen production. Don´t miss her description of the new pathway which can produce hydrogen with a high efficiency without any carbon footprint.

Here, she reflects her career since last summer:

The last year became a memorable one. I was able to publish my best project in a scientifically well-known journal. More than the impact factor of the journal, the impact created by the work was really satisfying for me as a scientist. Several international and national publishing houses had covered the work. The best reward was the recognition given by the Indian government. And I had the opportunity to attend as a group leader in the Sciathon 2021 with my project.

Increased Production by Magnets

From #LINO70 until now, the biggest change in my career is the addition of the title ‘Dr’ to my name. In 2021, I learnt to deal with personal losses to complete the final step towards my doctoral degree, the longest learning session by now. 

Currently I am trying to develop an electrolyser to generate hydrogen and oxygen in presence of commercially available magnets to enhance the rate of production. That´s why I install magnets to the existing setup to increase the hydrogen fuel production in collaboration with an industrial unit and the government of India.

Memorable Experiences

Jayeeta Saha at an exhibition
Jayeeta during an exhibition at the IIT Bombay. Photo/Credit: Courtesy of Jayeeta Saha

Due to internet issues in my village, I participated in #LINO70 via social media. I tried to attend all the lectures of Chemistry Nobel Laureates. I enjoyed the session on gene editing and the respective panel discussion.

Also, the lecture given by Nobel Laureate Stanley Whittingham about battery storage was as interesting as during the Online Science Days 2020.

Along with that, I was very interested to listen to the panel discussion on Energy and Climate with Nobel Laureates Steven Chu, Robert Laughlin and Brian Schmidt. They discussed the effect of COVID-19 on reviving the natural resources and climatology. Along with this, the lecture by Kailash Satyarthi about the effect of the pandemic to the children was eye-opening.

I am looking forward to personal encounters with scientists I got in contact with during the online meeting. Many of the participants from the discipline of Chemistry are going to attend the meeting in summer 2022. I hope for a great meeting as well as scientific and non-scientific discussions with them. And, I am also in touch with many of the young scientists and Lindau Alumni I met during the Sciathons 2020 and 2021. In a word, I anticipate to enjoy #LINO22 as the most memorable experience of my life.

Publications About Jayeeta’s Project

Jayeeta Saha

Jayeeta Saha, senior research scholar at the IIT-B Chemistry Department is looking forward to finally attend the Lindau Meeting onsite in 2022. She completed her PhD project about an innovative way to generate hydrogen.